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Peeling pomegranates is easy!!!!

Peeling pomegranates is easy!!!!


What did that headline state? Yeppers it sure did!

You will never get frustrated, loose fingernails and give up peeling a pomegranate again!

First you make incisions near the blossom tip it will look like a hexagon; make sure you cut deep enough to feel a slight crunch of the seeds inside.

Second you grab blossom tip and pull. Whoa! Did that just come off that easy? I’m about to blow your mind more …

See those membrane lines that go to the core of the fruit? Cut the length of those lines down to the stem of the fruit; deep enough to get to the first layer of seeds; once again ‘feeling’ the crunch of the seeds.

Now pull sections away from the core of the fruit.

You are welcome. You have now discovered a wonderful way of making cooking easy!